busy busy bee

holy moly it's been a while! however, i've been a busy bee. a couple of new projects at work & a couple of new freelance projects on the side have really absorbed my time. along with the stints of warm weather. i've been trying to get out of the house as much as possible. i just wish the weather would make up it's mind! i'm done with the cooler temperatures! i'm ready for the warm stuff! 

anyways...my local flea market is having one of their many extravaganzas this weekend, so i'm planning on attending that and snapping a few photos with one of my bests. i love being able to grab pictures of the slew of antiques and knick-knacks. the whole antique collecting thing is in my bones.

then i'm also really effing stoked, because i just enrolled in a skillshare class with Jon Contino, who is a HUGE inspiration for me. i love his raw typographic style, something i've been meaning to get into. the class starts may 13th, and i'm more than ready to get my hands dirty.

well - i'll hopefully be back to blogging more frequently again...just figured i would give a brief confusing update...because really...i don't know how to blog! thanks for reading!

warm weather & fishing

wow - i was so busy last week, i forgot to post my five friday favorites. i guess if it's not one thing...it's the other. anyways, i had a fun filled week along with a fun filled weekend. can't wait to see what the next couple days bring. 

busy days >> busy nights >> warm weather >> blue skies >> trout fishing >> cold water >> fish guts >> rustic cooking >> first iced coffee of the year >> car rides with best friends >> game preserve photos >> sunsets >> house of cards >> sleepy heads >> bagels >> turducken >> homemade wild berry pie >> jelly beans*

*dreaming of warmer & brighter weekends

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five friday favorites

holy moly, it's already friday! 

daughter // "perth" (bon iver) v "ready for the floor" (hot chip)

totally stellar song - i'm loving the mash up. plus daughter is amazing.

geodesic terrarium 

// Restoration Hardware


norman porter co. backpack

// Norman Porter Co.


quilted leggings

// Grit N Glory


brown lace up boots 

if only i could find a pair of boots like these! i have found some similar in men's shoes, but can't find the perfect ones in women's. if you got any leads, let me know!  


cameras & blue skies

sushi >> bridges >> public parks >> trains & train tracks >> snacks in the car >> endless drives >> windows down >> fresh air >> blue skies >> perfect sunsets >>  annoying the cat >> best friends >> music videos >> hiking >> laughing >> field kisses >> the knob >> fire works >> piggy back rides >> bon fires*

it's starting to feel like spring*

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oh hai!

oh hai world! i'm back – and i got a facelift! it's been a couple years, but i finally think it's time for a fresh new look. i hope ya'll like it! i don't really blog much, but since i did get a new look and feel...i'm going to try blogging more! well anyways, this is kind of just a starter post. 

wish me luck!